Saturday, 26 February 2011

Ten Signs That You May Be A Dictator!

Ten signs that you may be a dictator:
  1. You only refer to yourself in the third person, and you refer to all opposition as 'infidel dogs'.
  2. You have a thing for Rembrandt sized portraits of yourself.
  3. You need an umbrella and a hat even when you're sitting in a bulletproof car.
  4. You have a network of tunnels and bunkers beneath every one of your many residences.
  5. All your children have swiss bank accounts.
  6. You quote compulsively from your own book (university professors take note).
  7. You can't resist pulling the "I am your father!" line from Star Wars.
  8. You blame the revolution in your country on playstation and the American imperialists who work at Google.
  9. Kim Jong Ill is your child's godfather.
  10. You are a person of vision - where others see mushrooms, you see mushroom clouds.

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