Thursday, 24 February 2011

Gaddafi Claims Osama is the Father of the Trance Bunnies!

It is clear that Muammar Gaddafi's end to power, and perhaps to life, is approaching us. Perhaps the greatest loser though, will be his son, recently awarded a PhD from the London School of Economics in 2008, he must have harboured high hopes for himself as a leader and reformer of Libya. But as tragedies go, the best intentions become the worst realities, and this seems to be the case when it comes to Saif El Islam, who at a remarkably young age, is presiding over the complete and utter collapse, of not just a country, but the human values that bind all human beings to each other. Perhaps, as an economist, his decision-making is heavily influenced by the need to preserve his own self interest - but the cost at which that has come has rendered him monstrous in the extreme - dangerous actually, and without the ability to retain perspective.

So according to Muammar Gaddafi, his father, there are hallucinogenic drug manufacturing factories in Misurata, under the command of Osama Bin Laden, that are poisoning the milk and coffee of people in the country, leading them to go out into the streets and protest.



Can dialogue be held with people who are so far away from reality? Can dialogue be had with Gaddafi or his son? It is futile to talk at this stage. It is futile to negotiate. It is a waste of breath. If anyone has the responsiblity to end this, and has the power to end this, it is Saif El Islam. Standing by his father through all of this is the worst decision he has ever made, and even if he lives through this it will be in utter obscurity. If he decides to seek exile in South Africa he'd better beware, because if I see him sauntering around the V&A waterfront I will personally arrest him and hold him to account. The world has no place for this rubbish!

Really? Drugs??? Gaddafi sounds like a bloody maniac, and yet his son doesn't have the common sense (or courage) to stand up to him. For all his macho talk of 'fighting to the last bullet' he has not an iota of courage, not a jot of what makes up a human being that knows the difference between speech and action. He, and his father, are showmen, who are still performing even though the stage has collapsed. 'The show must go on!' and it is, and Libyans and foreigners are being massacred in response, by an illegitimate regime. And what is left to piece together of the Gaddafi delusion; that Bin Laden, the US, Egyptians and Tunisians are all conspiring to drug the youth of Libya and ruin his legacy at the same time - of course, all of this is about a personal attack on Gaddafi's legacy.

So in his last speech he spoke like the great liberator of Africa, and now he tells us he is only a 'symbolic leader' in Libya. Then why not step aside? Isn't that the simplest way to end all of this? And all this utter rubbish about Al Qaeda being behind this? Really? You might as well claim that Walt Disney is behind the Libyan revolts. So pigs can fly - because Gaddafi and his son say so!

Muammar Gaddafi makes Hosni Mubarak looks like a reasonable person by comparison. He is mad! Is the world so impotent that it cannot act in support of a people who are being killed in the streets, begging for intervention in desperation. They are alone, with nothing but each other to see this through - and the longer those with the power to intervene prevaricate, the more bloody this revolution will be in the end. There are a million Egyptians in Libya. They are already under blanket accusation of attempting to create instability in Libya, and are already facing reprisals. Gaddafi's supporters, security forces and mercenaries have been moving house to house in some areas, and it isn't dificult to see that a bloody and cruel purge has ensued across Libya.

People who have lived under illegitimate regimes know how they function. Media restrictions and blackouts are the life-blood of despots - purely to ensure that they have deniability and can play the role of sole chaperones of the 'truth'. They live and survive off isolation. The more isolated Libya is, the worse will be the suffering of its people. The Libyan regime is counting on theatrics and intrigue to manipulate the people within Libya. They don't care a jot what the rest of the world thinks - they've got used to playing the emotions of the Libyan people like harp. And they are relying on fragmenting the Libyan people enought to hold on to whatever pieces of power are still within their hands.

And the spin is so ridiculous and outrageous that some might actually believe it. I know people often say the truth is stranger than fiction, but by all accounts, I cannot see Osama Bin Laden DJ'ing at the next Vortex trance party, sniffing poppers and downing red-bulls. I cannot see psychotropic drug culture mixing with extremist orthodox islam, American interests and Egyptian and Tunisian conspirators lurking behind the scenes, fostering revolution together. I am sure Osama is pretty confused right now, wondering what he'll be accused of next - a fake moon landing perhaps?

But hey, maybe I just don't know how things work around here anymore! Next time I need a reality check I'll give Muammar or Saif a call to find out what's really going on behind the scenes. I'm sure they'll have plenty of time to fill me in while awaiting trial in the Hague.

So how long will it take to put an end to the fraudsters who have paraded and foisted their ridiculous versions of who we are, upon us? Are we to accept a farcical world where we lap up the lies they feed us, and play along like puppets on a string, happy to dance to his masters voice. Ultimately, the farce of patriarchy is confronting us all through these revolutions - of a generation of leaders who no longer have a clue what kind of world they are living in. The 'wise elders' don't have long left on this planet, but they can do immense damage that will resonate in the lives of our children and theirs. It's time to call their bluff, and to subject them to the same scrutiny that we do each other. There can be no more 'fathers of the nation', no more 'great leaders' and no more 'hero-leaders' that are beyond rebuke. That world must end in my lifetime, or else! 

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